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Standard components for water treatment


Calcium and magnesium salts disturb, where cooling water is carried, warms up, atomizes or vaporises. The demineralization eliminates the problems of the lime deposits in cooling towers, pipings, heat exchangers etc. The demineralization uses water, table salt and power.

Reverse osmosis

The reverse osmosis is the newest procedure, which is used for water purification in thermal plants. With this procedure complicated procedures run off, with which aqueous lotions are demineralized with the help of a partial permeable diaphragm.

Dosing technology

The dosing technology is for the dosage of liquid active substances in water for the protection from corrosion and deposits from lime.

Cooling-/Climatic water treatment

In order to come to an optimal cooling tower operation, the circulating water must be treated with two kinds of chemicals. By additive of a limestone preventing and a corrosion protection medium and on by additive of a biocide to fight the algas and slime.